Todd Selby在他的第三本攝影集《The Fashionable Selby》中,向大家展示了頂尖時裝設計師的工作空間,「提到時裝,人們通常首先聯想的是營銷,然而,人們忘記了時裝的核心是什麼,是創意人。」Todd Selby 說。

他用了三年時間來拍攝、訪問包括Isabel MarantDries van Noten在內的時裝大神,同時,另一些隱藏在大牌背後,不被人知曉的優秀設計師也被 Selby 帶到了台前。希望這些有趣的人和空間可以給到你更多的靈感。

“With fashion, people often associate it with marketing, and they forget the other side of it, which is the creators,” saysTodd Selby , a photographer and writer who’s spent the past three years interviewing fashion designers.

In the book, Selby interviews big names like Isabel Marant and Dries van Noten, avant-garde thinkers like Iris van Herpen, and designers who aren’t household names, but rather work behind the scenes for larger companies, like Audrey Louise Reynolds.



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