Vo Trong Nghia Co., ltd 設計了一座位於越南胡志明市的現代住宅,住宅的主人是一對30歲的夫婦和他們的媽媽。

住宅呈筒形,寬4米高20米。住宅名為「Stacking Green」,最顯著的特徵是立面上層層堆積的露台以及上面擺放的大量綠色植物盆景。建築的綠牆將污染與噪聲隔絕在外,將室內的空氣淨化,陽光穿過綠牆在室內產生斑駁的光影,讓人感覺彷彿置身雨林。

以下來自設計師原文描述:「T he front and back façades are entirely composed of layers of concrete planters cantilevered from two side walls. The house structure is a RC frame structure widely used in Vietnam. The partition walls are very few in order to keep interior fluency and view of green façades from every point of the house. Natural ventilation through the façades and 2 top-lights allow this house to save a big energy in a harsh climate in Saigon. Concerning these ecological approaches, we referred a lot to the bioclimatic principles of traditional Vietnamese courtyard house 」