Reflected in the Stars by Antonio Grambone

Ponte Vasco de Gama by liquish

A Moment in Time by realitydream

Play with Clouds by JulieRC

The Best I Ever Had by Thomas Hawk

Lightning at Huntington Beach by James Larkin

National Performing Arts Center by Lance McMillan

Pantanal by Mike Bueno

Great White Egret by Sarah Lopez

Waikawau Bay by Steve Burling

Shot of a Drop by Lex Augusteijn

Notre Dame, Paris by AG Photography

Paris Rain by Andrew Badenhorst

Reflections for the Day by Dene Miles

Sakura 2010 by Guwashi999

Miss You by IgNgRez

Acid Trip by drewboy

Dragon’s Dreams by Antonio Diaz

Where There’s Water, There’s Life by Garry



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小魚扮貓 沉浸在設計及教學多年,樂於吸收與分享關於創意、設計、攝影的任何事物。 一股傻勁地擠出些微時間經營這個小小的部落格,希望所有讀者可以得到不同的啟發及想法。 現職: 巨匠電腦教育中心 設計類講師 魚躍創意有限公司 設計師

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