Monocle近期推出《Monocle Guide to Better Living》一書,這也是雜誌創刊7年以來出版的第一本書,該書的主旨亦是圍繞著雜誌的核心——Better Living展開,圖文並茂400頁,結合了知識性與娛樂性,從家、城市、健康、風格、幸福等多角度,給出改善生活的諸多提案。

Monocle Magazine presents its first-ever book entitled The Monocle Guide to Better Living. For seven years now, their team has traveled the globe telling the stories of cities, its people, food, culture and design. The publication champions quality and authenticity not only in content but also in physical form.

Naturally, Monocle has developed a dedicated global readership and has become a collectable item for some. Editor Andrew Tuck explains that over the years, the amalgamation of content from Monocle points to the idea of​​ how to live life just a bit better, which led to the inspiration for the hardback book. The 400-page tome showcases the original reports, photography and illustrations from Monocle we’ve come to love, and is printed on some of the finest paper so it’s something to hold onto for life. Coming this September.



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