Le Breakfast Club

創意夫妻檔Danny Demers和Diane Garcia(設計師/麵包師)共同創立了圍繞著生活、美食和設計展開的跨界創意工作室Garçon Garçonne最近,他們與蒙特利爾的時裝精品店École Militaire一同開啟了早餐游擊店項目「Le Breakfast Club」,提供一種結合了食物與設計的獨特體驗。 Le Breakfast Club將作為例行活動,在每月的第一個禮拜天的上午11點到下午2點舉行,時裝店的角色也從商店轉變為了供朋友和客人聚會交流的場所。 Husband & wife creative duo Danny Demers and Diane Garcia of Garçon Garçonne  approached Montreal menswear shop École Militaire to create a branded experience merging food and design together, resulting in Le Breakfast Club – a pop-up breakfast gathering at the boutique on the first Sunday of every month. Every first Sunday of the Month, between 11 to 2PM, Le Breakfast Club, an event hosted by Garçon Garçonne at École Militaire. The event invites friends and clients of the boutique to take part in a communal morning routine. Accompanied by pancakes, coffee, orange juice, etc. The boutique transforms into a pop-up restaurant with branded merchandise only available during that period of time.  



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