Leave a Story 的意思就是留下一個故事,然後讓設計師為這篇故事配上一張圖片。因為圖片都是由設計師一人獨立完成,所以縱貫全站,其風格基本相似,且都非常簡單溫馨。如果把網站上所有的故事印製成冊的話,相信很多小朋友都會喜歡。

Story #298

This year was really great! I had my first backpacking trip with two other best friends. We had so much fun together. For myself, I felt like I was one of the locals during that trip, not as a traveller or a tourist. We also learn many things, the culture, the people, the food.. It was amazing and unforgettable. We were able to “survive” on a limited budget. It’s true that we should travel while we’re young, because we can get and learn many things from travelling.
– Anindita, Bandung



Story #275

Hi~I’m a cup from China. After two years of college life, I found that the content of my college course was repeated, defective and not systematic. Then I told my dean my query which is support by most of classmate. We want a answer. However!!!! He said “School just a platform in which you can touch something you want to learn. If you really want to learn deeply, you have to work hard by online courses, training classes or something else. God!!!!!!!! Can’t believe it! That’s why I go to college!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you know why I call myself a cup. (Cup means a tragedy on network .)
– Cup, GuangZhou



Story #270

Hi! I am a unicorn and i like to fly high over the clouds, i have big white wings and long hair. I am eleven years old and i live in a city who called Aleiancia! In this city we go in shool,shopping and play in the playground. I like shool, it is fun to learn new things and i like to sitt in the classroom and work in our mathbooks! I actually just have one friend in school and she’s name is Rikki! Rikki is a talking banana and we do everything together! So this was a little story about me, the lonely unicorn.
– Zarah, Västerås

這就跟你問聲好!我是一個獨角獸,我喜歡飛在雲層之上,我有白色的大翅膀、長頭髮。我 11 歲,我住在一個名字叫做 Aleiancia 的城市裡!

在這個城市裡,我們可以在學校、購物和在操場上玩。我喜歡學校,它可以學習有趣的新東西,我喜歡坐在教室里和看我們的數學書!其實我有一個朋友在學校裡,她的名字是 Rikki !這是一個關於我的小故事關於我,孤獨的獨角獸。

Story #264

I have an ex-boyfriend and we has been apart almost 6 years. We met again at last year. Actually we know till love each other. But we won’t get together again because some situations. We will meet once a month, and we talk and talk, or see a movie which we also love. He treats mesame as a queen. I feel so happy when we meet. Although we will not to be a couple again, I still love him and so much. I hope he will happy forever and has a complete life. I hope he can have some support or warm feeling when he feels upset.
– May, Hong Kong

我有一個前男友,我們分開已經將近 6 年了。去年我們又見面了,實際上我們知道我們仍然彼此相愛。但因為某些情況我們不會再在一起了。


Story #252

“All small beasts should have bows in thtails.”
She put down her book and thought it the greatest sentence she’d read all year.
She admired the brain that had constructed it and wondered if her own grey cells were even able to construct anything half as good.
– Oh, if only I was great, she thought and returned to the book. Little did she know that at the same time a small door creaked open in the back of her mind and out peeked her own small beast. Bow in tail and all .





Story #213

The roar of the waves, light breeze in hair, poppies, fields of blooming poppies around, old wooden bridge leading to the sea.
– Let’s take a sit?
– Okay
Hand in hand, heart to heart, two are looking in the same direction.
– Let’s get old together?
– Okay
The whisper of the waves. The ring goes from his pocket on her finger…
Two have been still looking in the same direction – at their pretty baby girl. And they go all the way hand in hand, heart to heart.
– Evgenia, Moscow


Story #200

When I first met him, he was ju random guy.
The second time I fell in love with him.
Every time I saw him my heart exploded in my chest.
We dated for a while; everything was so perfect.
He cheated on me, and we brok.
We don’t even talk anymore.
We live, now, 6382 km from each other.
I still love him.
– Stella, Stockholm

現在住在距離彼此 6382km 外的地方。

Story #166

It was a rainy monday morning.
“You! I dreamed of you”, she said. I can remember I just smiled back at her, we both knew how wron was, but I could tel the way she looked at me it was just right enough to be a pleasant dream.
I remember it all ’cause I often think about that morning, about how our e upon a time’ began.




Story #99

Me and my girlfriend have been together since 9 months. before we were in a relationship, we used to hop in my car and travel around the city just to listen music in the car. one day, we travelled the city listening music again and then arr her house. then suddenly our favourite song started (arctic monkeys – 505), then we decided to pass her house and cone travelling until the song ended. but we didnt realise that we were running out of gas. but we barely made it to the gas station when it passed 1 hour after the song started. we were so excited, lovely, had so much fun.

我和我的女朋友在一起已經 9 個月了,在我們還未確定關係之前,我們經常在我的車上聽著音樂並繞著城市漫行。有一天,我們依然還是繞著城市聽著音樂,並送她回到了家。


有一句話說過:當你專註一件事情並投入了 1 萬個小時以後,你所做的事情絕對值得讚賞,所成的東西也必定會成為經典。

這位設計師正是以此為座右銘,持續在分享創意和快樂的設計事業中,到現在為止,網站已經完成了 316 幅溫馨故事的插畫設計並還在不斷更新當中。


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