Keith Arnatt – Walking the Dog

觀念藝術家、攝影師Keith Arnatt於1976年至1979年間創作了「Walking the Dog」系列作品,主人牽著狗以同樣的姿態出現在不同的環境中,神奇的是,四隻眼睛都直盯盯的望著鏡頭,非常有喜感。人們都說狗和主人長得像,不知道Keith Arnatt拍這個系列的初衷是否是為了驗證此觀點?

Keith Arnatt’s series, Walking the Dog, as we see a typology of dog owners alongside their dogs. Both dog and owner have their eyes to the camera, which shows a lot of skill on Arnatt’s part, but also brings a comedic element into the work . Our mind starts to try and see similarities between the dog and their owner, going with the idea that dogs look like their owners. Arnatt was a conceptual artist, using photography.




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