Chalkboard Mug



you’ll need:
a porcelain mug  (mine is from CB2)
painter’s tape
Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Chalkboard Paint (available at  Dick Blick or  Amazon)
a soft bristle paint brush (a watercolor brush works well)

how to:
1. Make sure your mug is clean and dry.
2. Use painter’s tape to mask off the part of the mug you don’t want to paint, 0r you could skip this step and paint the whole mug. Personally, I think it looks snazzy only partially painted.
3. Apply the paint with a soft bristle brush. If you mess up just wipe the paint away with a wet paper towel and try again.  Please note that this particular porcelain paint says it’s not recommended for surfaces that come in contact with food. (Although it’s water based and nontoxic, so I don’t understand what the problem would be.) 
4. As soon as you are done painting carefully remove the tape. If you remove it before the paint dries , the tape will be less likely to peel up the edges of the paint.

4. Let the paint dry for 24 hours. Then, bake your mug according to the paint package instructions. After baking turn off the oven and leave the mug inside until it has gradually cooled to room temperature. After you bake it the paint is dishwasher and microwave safe.
5. I recommend chalking up your mug  before you fill it with a hot beverage. (I learned this the hard way!)



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