Paper Storage Company設計的收納紙箱也太有趣了!

What intriguing storage boxes from Paper Storage Company!


Oysho的俏皮設計, 眾白羊中一隻黑羊的睡衣, 令人忍不住微笑。

Darling design from Oysho, black sheep in a crowd of white sheep, it made me smile.


手工挑選的果仁, 手工壓制的堅果獎, 手工包裝的瓶身, 來自Big Spoon Roasters

Hand-selected nuts, hand-crafted nut butter, hand-packaged beautiful jars, from 來自Big Spoon Roasters.


Julia Paul低調但好有質感的餐具碗盤。

Low-key and elegant tableware from Julia Paul.


來自瑞典設計師Clara von Zweigbergk美麗的Themis Prism吊飾, 仔細看了看, 是五行的色彩啊!

Beautiful Themis Prism mobile from Swedish designer Clara von Zweigbergk, after a closer look, it incorporates the colors of the five elements!


New Form Perspective的每一件衣服都有多重穿法, 真心的喜愛。

Every piece from New Form Perspective can be worn in multiple ways, love them from the heart.



The anchor bracelet from Miansai with pale leather is just perfection.


來自Hot Cakes的全素巧克力蛋糕-已預先完成配料, 只需放入烤箱20分鐘就有濃郁深厚的巧克力蛋糕可以吃了哦! (也有不是素食的版本喔)

Totally vegan molten chocolate cake from Hot Cakes – pre-made, pre-mixed, only need to go into the oven for 20 minutes, and voila, you have a scrumptious melt-in-your-mouth molten chocolate cake!




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