Eirian Chapman

2011年11月起,澳大利亞插畫師Eirian Chapman開始了這個關於髮飾的項目「 Teeth & Hair 」。靈感源於一次美國之旅,博物館裡陳列的古董梳讓他突發奇想,隨後他每天都繪製一幅與髮飾相關的插畫,並上傳到tumblr上。是啊。為什麼如今市面上的梳子都是差不多的樣子呢?誰說梳子就不可以是動物、植物或食物的造型呢?

Teeth & Hair is a project by Australia illustrator Eirian Chapman . He explored hair ornaments & uploaded daily to Tumblr. Each comb/hair pin is based on a theme randomly picked each day, making the combs quite unexpected and surreal. The idea for this project came from viewing antique hair combs in museums whilst travelling around America.




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