大約幾年前,在一次德中同行的展覽上看到了Yang Liu的圖形設計作品「當東西方相遇」(East meet west),令人印象深刻,直接而生動的勾勒出東西方文化和習慣上的差異。 Yang Liu出生於中國,後在德國學習。

These are icons designed by Liu Yang, a Chinese born but educated in her teen through adult life in Germany. Her work shows how East meets West. Her work fits so well with globalization of culture, peoeple and places.

处理问题 Confronting a Problem

自我 How to think of self

准时 Punctuality

人际关系 Relationships

领导 Status of leader

排队 How to queue up

对待愤怒 How to express anger

假日的街头 On weekend

交通工具 Transportation

表达意见 Express one’s opinion

在餐厅 In the restaurant

聚会 Party

想象中的对方 Perception of each other



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