Conrad Jon Godly


Conrad Jon Godly出生於瑞士達沃斯,曾在巴賽爾藝術學院學習油畫,至此之后的18年以時尚攝影師為業。直到2006年,他斷然决定傾聽内心的聲音,重返畫壇,並前往瑞士庫爾的山脈尋求心靈的慰藉。


Godly was born in Davos, Switzerland and studied as a painter at the Basel School of Art from 1982 until 1986. For 18 years afterwards he shot photos as a professional photographer. He loved painting and yearned to return to his fine art roots, but had fears about whether he could subsist as an artist, especially after an 18-year hiatus from painting. Despite his doubts, he decided to follow his passion and left his role as a photographer in 2006 to seek solace among the mountains of Chur, Switzerland.

To Godly, the mountains represent power, spirituality, and imperishable magnificence — a contrast to the transient beauty of the fashion world. His fascination and source of strength has guided his subject matter; in an effort to capture the grandeur, he employs brushed oils and turpentine into a thick impasto, resulting in physical and perceptual depth.



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