We shared some 360° VR Video about Japan before. Now Tokyo Metropolitan Government launched 2018 traveling point area “CHUGOKU+SHIKOKU×TOKYO”. There are 9 video, including TOTTORI, HIROSHIMA, SHIMANE and CHUGOKU. This post will show you the [Landmarks / SHIMANE] chapter.

In the beginning, we see Tokyo station the biggest base for the shinkansen network nationwide. Not only does it function as a station, but within the premises and on the underground, also has a commercial area, including museums, hotels, shops, cafes and restaurants.

Tokyo Station was reborn in harmony with the completion of the “restoration work of Marunouchi station building” in October 2012, as an attractive station combining history and sophistication, which has an air of dignity as one of major entrances of Japan. The station marks the 100th anniversary of its opening in 2014.

After having your fill of modern Tokyo, venture out to Shimane, to experience a Japan like you’ve never seen before.

In the video, we go to Matsue Castle. In Japan, there are only 12 remaining original castles (Tenshu), with Matsue Castle being one of them. Matsue Castle was designated as a National Treasure in 2015, and shows the appearance of the modern castle in its heyday period.

The elegance of the castle’s swooping roofs is often compared to the wings of a Chidori (plover), which has led to the castle’s alternative name as “Chidori Castle”.

Do you just can’t wait to discover a new, fascinating Japan? Watching more 360° VR Video or information on the website.

This post has been presented by Tokyo Metropolitan Govt but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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