其實這是一個際遇,當初將首圖 Chana de Moura 的這張攝影放在粉絲團上,隔一陣子她本人就來了,簡單的寒暄說謝謝喜歡她的作品。之後自己開始忙了這件事也就淡忘,直到最近多了點空閒的時間,突然回憶起這件事時就在想如果能訪問她該有多好。

Chana de Moura 的攝影色調十分迷人,像是夢境般的幻想世界裡,朦朧卻又擁有讓人不得不多看幾眼的魅力;而關於這次的訪談,往返信件的來往,加上香港室友協助的翻譯,而完成了這次的內容。希望您也喜歡 Chana de Moura 的作品。


Could you simply introduce you living environment?

我住在一個叫 Porto Alegre 的城市,那是 Rio Grande do Sul State 的首都,位於南巴西。我曾經住在近郊附近的農村,所以可以隨意的在森林逛逛走走,看看瀑布或爬山。如果需要形容我一個完美的居住環境,那將是一個親近大自然的地方,我可以與我愛的一切享受任何時間。

I live in a city called Porto Alegre, it’s the capital of Rio Grande do Sul State, in south of Brazil. I used to live in a small city, near the countryside so everytime I wanted I could take a walk by the forests, see the waterfalls or climbing mountains. If I could describe a perfect place to live, it’d be a place near nature, where I could be in touch with everything I love anytime I want.



How long have you been photographing? Why you did start it?


I started photographing when I was kid and someone gave me a cellphone with a VGA lens. I used to photograph myself at first, then I’d start shooting people around me and afterwards I’d start introducing constructed scenarios.



How would you describe your style?

My style is something very particular, it’s all about the way I feel deep inside so it’s constantly changing. Anyways, what I like the most is using reality to create an imaginary scene which can make me feel like there’s something else in this world or even in another.



Could you simply introduce the process of photography?

I normally shoot 35mm or 120mm and sometimes I use some polaroids. Besides that, I like experimenting such as paiting or drawing on photography. The scenes I think are usually developed before the shooting sessions so when it actually happens, I’m able to think about some extra pictures during this process. Of course, some images are conceived at the moment of shooting.



Which one you like the most among your photograph?

Hard question, but it might be this one.
P.S. 當初在編排文章時,我也是選這張當此題的照片,很巧。



Did you face any difficulties that make you want to give up photographing? What’s that and how did you overcome?

For sure, many times. But as I overcame that, I think it isn’t worth talking about that now.



Do you have any planning for the future?

Trying to create an inuty with my photos, my films and my other art projects.



Would you like to share three photographers that you like the most?

Sally Mann 與 René Le Bègue (因為是為了專題製作),此外還有 DianeArbus,其原因是因為她攝影所散發出的氛圍。
Sally Mann and René Le Bègue (because of their thematic), and Diane Arbus, of course, because of all her atmosphere.

Video by Bruno Dietrich and Chana de Moura.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryR5cUjrpDU]


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